Freedom through submission

My PhD project is a Foucault-inspired Foucault 09analysis of the discourse on human freedom among Danish Muslims. The analysis is supported by anthropological fieldwork and qualitative research methods. The research started in September 2016, and will be concluded Continue reading


Networks and Non-sense

TL;DR You know those cool graphs of people’s Facebook friend connections? I’m making one of those, but of dead theologians and philosophers. It might end up telling me something about them and how ideas are passed from person to person or community to community, but more likely than not it will just give me some pretty pictures.

Merged Network

Network theory and Theology

I am using social network theory and analysis exploring how the social imaginary of ‘freedom’ changes in the mid-twentieth century in response to two intersecting cultural movements: the secularization of the West, and the disruption of structuralism by post-modernity. These are certainly not exclusive categories, but they are also not coterminous. As such it will be important to take them on their own terms as somewhat independent interrelated fields of understanding, ‘life-worlds’, in which the average contemporary westerner is being conditioned by and participating in. The secularization thesis presented by Taylor in A Secular Age (2007) will be vital to this study, as well as the work of Talal Asad in Formations of the Secular (2003). Both these authors understand secularization through the interactions of material and ideological forces in given times and places that variously produce ­the epistemological approach, the political activity, the social theory, and the self-conceptions, and it is these that also condition how freedom is understood in the concomitant theological contexts.

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Web Presentations of Research Results

On April 19-21, 2017, all interested PhD fellows (from the humanities) are invited to participate in a course in Aarhus (DK) on how to present your research results online via different media and tools.

What: PhD course in Web presentations of research results (for humanities)

Where: Aarhus University, Paludan Müllers Vej 48, Aarhus

When: April 19-21, 2017

ECTS credits: 2

Registration: Please register no later than April 5, 2017 – there is room for 20 participants. Follow this direct link to register:

Or find the course information via this link:

Today, web communication is more important than ever, both in the academic and non-academic world. To reach a large audience as fast as possible, research results and other news are frequently broadcast on internet blogs and homepages, via podcasts, on social media, etc.

This course is designed to help PhD students present their research results on the web and takes the form of lectures combined with hands-on workshops during which the participants will make their own blog, get introduced to WordPress homepages, learn how to produce video, audio, text, and graphics for a web presentation and how to use the social media and other networking websites, and will be introduced to a selection of the most useful (free) tools available.

These are also useful skills for those who want to pursue job opportunities outside of academia. The Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media at Aarhus University will conduct the course.